Sunday, July 12, 2009

orrologion: "I know thee"

Orrologion has created a post "I know thee" which reminds me why mere acceptance of propositions (such as 'Jesus is Lord') or historical facts (the Resurrection for instance) is quite meaningless. The demons do as much. What they don't do is repent. This then provides us with a powerful clue as to what matters in our life.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Uncreated Light and His affects.

"The vision of Light is preceded by the austere repentance that cleanses us from the passions. This is an exceedingly painful battle but sweet to heart and mind is the vision of Light. This Light is love of a quite especial kind, the blessedness of which may increase so long as one's strength can bear the heavenly flame.

This Light, which 'cometh down from the Father of lights' [James 1:17], regenerates and even re-creates us. This is a radical change in the focus of our attention - before, it was centered on the material and temporary. Grace causes it to turn inwards and thence rise to the spiritual sphere of the 'unseen and eternal' [cf. II Cor. 4:18]. Temporal things that earlier seemed important, maybe of great moment, our spirit now finds insignificant. Riches, power, fame and the like lose their attraction. Even science, which does not bring us really vital knowledge - knowledge of God - like philosophical speculation, which is not life in the true sense, ceases to have anything but transitory value"

-from We Shall See Him as He is by Archimandrite Sophrony pg. 168

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wormwood and Honey

"Annnoyance, humiliations, and similar things in the soul of a novice are like the bitterness of wormwood; while praise, honor and approbation, are like honey and give birth to all manner of sweetness in those who are pleasure loving. But let us look at the nature of each: wormwood purifies all interior filth, but honey increases gall."
St. John of the Ladder

ht. The Arena